Colloquio davanti le opere di Bruno Lisi – Marisa Volpi

Marisa Volpi: You told me that years ago you used to work with white: what was it that de­termined this transition from white to colour? Or is using colour the same thing for you? Bruno Lisi: I used white not to obtain the ab­sence of colour, but to destroy it so as to ob­tain another […]

A brief painting – Lorenza Trucchi

Works from 1989 to 2001

In the early sixties Bruno Lisi, just turned twenty, made his debut in a season moving rapidly away from the tired and rampant Informal. Shortly afterwards various other ways out were pursued: from Pop Art, noisily suggested at the 1964 Biennial Exhibition in Venice when object poetry exploded and spread from the Giardini di Castello […]

How to activate the way of viewing – Carla Subrizi

Works from 1989 to 2001

Having arrived at this stage in the history of art, after thesuccession or alternation of different definitions of the nature of art and painting, of what is a painting or what gesture or thought accompanied the pictorial surface, the current theory is that of transforming the question and re-thinking the artist-art dialectic. Thus the way […]

Writing in pure loss as the only way to write freely – Francesco Moschini

I have been trying for a long time to convince Bruno Lisi about the need to exhibit his work, at least the most recent work, in “unusual” places and in particular in some Roman “domus”, underground, uncontaminated by daily use, by excesses of light. That light all too enveloping, well known to those in Rome […]

Painting as a stimulus/Painting as vibration – Francesco Moschini

As we were so used to the obstinate meticulousness of the “all full” of Bruno Lisi’s whole artistic itinerary, today it is really surprising to see him working on a new cycle that seems to have the dazzling rarefaction of the void as its foundation. To underline this apparent variation of direction of his search, […]

Figures in the shadows – Francesco Moschini

Works from 1989 to 2001

Finally a solitary, retiring and tireless artist like Bruno Lisi can retrace his entire artistic itinerary, or at least the last decade of it, with a retrospective at two exhibition sites. Palazzo Brancaccio is holding a review of his work from the end of the 1980s on, with large pieces representing each artistic period. The […]

The spatiality of passion – Enrico Mascelloni

Works from 1989 to 2001

Sometimes when you meet a person for the first time, you are instantly reminded of someone else, someone lost to the years and the space of continents. Bruno Lisi was just such a person for me. Before I had even decided whether I liked him or not, or reflected on my instinctive response to his […]

Bruno and Bill – Massimo Martini

Works from 1989 to 2001

Friends and editors were chatting about the new catalogue of Bruno’s works. And they started “fishing” in the web of his lifetime. Smiling, but not too much. “…horrid man wearing spats, insult me in the square, play havoc with me, so I can be recognised, the next day, and the next, like the one who…” […]

Bruno Lisi’s net of signs – Francesca Gallo

Bruno Lisi catalogue

Around 2009 I began a more regular association with Bruno Lisi (Rome 1942-2012) and the Associazione Operatori Culturali Flaminia 58 (AOC F58) of which he was president. AOC F58 brings together a small community of artists with studios nestled in the Borghetto Flaminio, round the corner from Piazza del Popolo, in Rome. They have been […]

Water crystals – Patrizia Ferri

Bruno Lisi’s artistic path culminates in a series of large rectangular canvases and methacrylate sculptures: mysterious objects that spontaneously relate to architecture, breathing in synergy with the whole. Totem-like geometry of absolute light that surfaces from an original immersion in the primary depths of language, sensation and life, like enigmatic ghosts, natural and suspended epiphanies […]

The blue paintings – Patrizia Ferri

Works from 1989 to 2001

Bruno Lisi’s BLU – mysterious, visionary, solemn, pure. Years later, I behold it again and discover intact tense and absolute sensations that spring from the depths of the soul. Fatal oceans, turning tides, skies full of violent darkness and glassy, metallic lights, lazuli corals, sponges and seaweed, clouds and air, cosmic breaths, the fragrance of […]

Art under his skin – Patrizia Ferri

Corpi estranei catalogue

Lisi is a ‘threshold’ artist, a poet of the radical void that cultivates cyclic and imponderable obsessions that in sudden and rhythmic waves and romantic undertows alleviate from the unbearable weight of existence. His signic search, in its variables in time, surpasses the identification between art and life and the distinction between conscious and unconscious: […]

Segno – Cecilia Casorati

Works from 1989 to 2001

According to Ludwig Wittgenstein, contemporary philosophy can only really be concerned with language. If this is true of philosophy then, without wishing to seem to state a necessary truth, it could equally well apply to contemporary art. As in every apparently closed system, even that of art will have as its origin, object and probable […]

The contemplative edge – Camilla Boemio

Bruno Lisi catalogue

The exhibits offer an opportunity to be seized in a tough time, like the one in which we are living. The confinement, the circumstance of subsequent conditioning, and the mutation of the rituals of the art world have brought a singular appreciation of the system, with a hunger for art projects which can reach people, […]