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AOC F58 – Bruno Lisi Gallery

Bruno Lisi was for many years the president of the association AOC F58, founded in 1984 in via Flaminia 58, Roma. The premises of the association, which have acted as artists’ studios since the 1930s, are also the location of a gallery which is now named after Bruno Lisi.

AOC F58 organises and promotes art shows, exhibitions and events, and has played an important role in the artistic history of Rome for 25 years. AOC is a place of research closely followed by critics, artists and scholars of contemporary art; its intense activity includes the opening of an art exhibition every month.

For any information regarding the gallery, the history of AOC F58 and press releases related to its shows, see:
At AOC F58 you can also find Bruno Lisi’s studio which is still possible to visit during the gallery’s opening times.